We are one of the few Food Service Management Companies registered in New Jersey and have been serving school and corporate cafeterias for the past 15 years. Our management team is trained quarterly by the New Jersey Department of Nutrition (NJDON) regarding new laws and regulations imposed by local and state government regarding food service and food safety. We are monitored by the NJDON for all schools involved in the National School Lunch Program. Although your school may not be governed by the State of New Jersey, you can be assured that you will have the experience and knowledge to implement a healthy and successful food service program in your school.

LJ's recognizes the great power and importance of food and nutrition. Cafeterias are gathering places where students receive healthy well balanced lunches. We recognize the important role we fill and take great care to honor our position in providing lunches for your children everyday. We show this care in our operations every day by...

  • Cooking authentic meals, using feedback from parents and administrators to increase lunch participation.
  • Taking our role in the community seriously and making socially responsible purchasing decisions.
  • Serving great tasting, authentic and nutritious food that exceeds the expectations of our students.  Providing a variety of substitute meals to promote lunch participation.
  • Recognizing that every school district  we serve is unique and creating tailored food programs for each one.
  • Serving a wide variety of menu items each month, each day keeping things fresh, fun, and interesting - you won't find a cycle menu at a LJ's account.
  • Viewing our operations vs other food service companies, we would never rest until we are the best!
  • Being a leader in our industry by working to create a more sustainable food system. 
  • We believe that if we live by these tenets, LJ's will indeed be a very select company and we will reach our dream. We have the conviction that today can be a little better and a little more fulfilling than yesterday. We have the will to achieve excellence through our  dedicated owner and his wealth of great employees. And.. we have the courage to look closely at ourselves, so that we are always striving to improve.

    LJ's can provide an outstanding food service to your students. In addition to the high quality lunches we can provide for your students and staff, we are also experienced with catering. This allows us to support school functions and fundraisers such as In-Service days, Tricky trays and sports dinners to name a few. The dynamics of LJ's allow us to go above and beyond your expectations of a food service provider. We are a family owned business and the owners are directly involved with daily operations. This assures the personal service your students and staff deserve with standards that will never be compromised.

    We have a passion for success in everything we do and look forward to serving you solutions for success!